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Math Practice

Math Practice published on

Hello Parents and Guardians. The Go Math book that your child has in their backpack is an optional resource you may use at home. You can use it for extra practice or a resource to check for understanding.

The book contains practice pages that correspond to the lesson I am teaching in class. I usually do a lesson a day except on Fridays. Look for a Remind message at the beginning of the week that will contain the Chapter and lesson numbers I plan on covering. You can also track the chapter and lesson number I am on by looking at the bottom left corner of the practice page that is sent home each day.

The only thing that I firmly stress is that you do not allow your son or daughter to go ahead in the practice book. You can have your child do a page a night, or review all the lessons over the weekend.  I know everyone has busy schedules so please fit in the practice when you can. 

Welcome to Corsetti Town

Welcome to Corsetti Town published on 8 Comments on Welcome to Corsetti Town

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my classroom blog/website Corsetti Town. This is the place to be. So glad you arrived, I am very excited to meet everyone. If you want to test out the blog, leave a comment. You can tell the class about the things you will be doing in these last days of summer vacation. You can also let me know if you plan on attending the “Meet and Greet” on Thursday September 1st Room 5, Karigon Elementary School @ 10:30am. Finally, I am working on writing student name tags around the room. If you prefer to be called by a certain name that is different from the one I may have, please let me know. Enjoy the rest of the summer and thank you for visiting Corsetti Town

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