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Open Mic

Open Mic published on


The class is all a buzz this New Year. They have earned a device/toy day and Open Mic sign ups are in full swing.

As I mentioned at open house, Open Mic Lunch is when the class will return to the room to have lunch together and watch each other perform. They can sing, dance, act, do a show and tell, or demonstrate a talent. All acts must be 2 minutes or shorter. The sign up is open for week then it will be closed until I schedule the next Open Mic Lunch. Send me a message if you have any further questions. Open Mic is for students only.


Mr. Corsetti

Holiday Party

Holiday Party published on

Hello everyone!

Next Friday the second grade has decided to collaborate and do another grade level event. During the afternoon, students in second grade will be able to attend a room with a holiday movie, a room with a non-holiday movie, or a room with games and crafts. There will not be refreshments to go along with the afternoon activities therefore I would like to have a few volunteers who would be willing to set up my room while we are at Morning Program so the students can enjoy a breakfast snack/treat when they return. Please click the link below to sign up for items or volunteer to come in.

Click here to Volunteer

Get Epic

Get Epic published on

Hi! is a website and app that allows students to read a large variety of books ranging in level and genre online. The students use it every other day at school so they can get use to reading text electronically. Many of the students have asked me if they can access their account at home. There is a way to set that but, I would need a parent email address. Therefore if you would like your child to have access to, please send in note or email me with the preferred email address you would like to use. My email address is

Thank you for following Corsetti Town!

Halloween Madness

Halloween Madness published on

To start…I’m so happy to congratulate the character ed winners for responsibility. Sophie, Wesley, and Emily, great work! Another big shout to the class for winning the classroom banner! We were the most responsible in ELA this month! Awesome!

Monday is Halloween! Wow! This year is flying by. Please send in your child with their costume on Monday. They can’t wear their costume in school all day. At 8:50 the class will go to the cafeteria for their carnival. The carnival is our main event and we will not be having a classroom party. The class will participate in the school parade starting at 1:15. Please contact me if you have any other questions. Enjoy the weekend!




Homework Update

Homework Update published on


Today I sent home the spelling quiz from last week, and the reading fluency practice sheet, (The Selection Summary). In addition, math lesson was 2.5. I decided to track problem solving questions more carefully so instead of the class answering all the questions on the back of the page they rip out, I have copied the problem solving questions from the page into a booklet that I keep in class. Students will answer the questions daily in the booklet and leave the page questions blank. If you want them to complete the back page at home, that is up to you. But please know the questions are the same as the ones they answered for me in school. There will be a spelling quiz this Friday. Thank you!

Math Lesson 1.7

Math Lesson 1.7 published on

Good afternoon,

Please review math Lesson 1.7 tonight or over the weekend. The extended response question on the chapter one test is based on this skill. The test will be sometime next week. Some students get confused with the wording in the word problems in this lesson. They cannot make the connection that a bag, bundle, or box of 10 is the same as counting tens.  Similarly, that a single crayon, marker, or marble is the same as counting ones.

Counting by 10s starting from different numbers such as 4, 6, or 7 etc. would be great practice for these types of problems. Also understanding what one less or one more means will help as well. Thanks!

Corsetti Town Update

Corsetti Town Update published on

Good Afternoon,

I just thought I would bring you all up to speed with the things that have been going on in class since opening day.

For the past week and a half, the class has been diligently learning the routines that they will follow all year. This is not a quick process because if done correctly, the year will be more productive and less stressful for all. They have been learning how and what to do in ELA, and Math centers. Additionally, we have been learning what rules and responsibilities are and how they must follow them at home, in school, and in our community.  I have also been building up the classroom community by playing games and allowing the children to work together on puzzles. They already put together a 350 piece puzzle and are currently working on a 750 piece puzzle of the pre-911 Manhattan skyline.

There are currently 15 people who filled in the contact information on the classroom directory form. If you want to be on the directory, please follow this link, fill in the form, and submit it. Classroom Directory Link.

Many students have been asking about Homework and I am sure you are curious as well. I am currently building a new policy. There will be homework, but this has become a sensitive issue so I am revisiting my requirements and how I am going to track it. I hope to have it sealed down for Open House. The math practice will stay the same.

Open House is Monday September 26th. Opening remarks begin at 6:45pm in the cafeteria and my presentation in the classroom will start @ 7pm.

Thank you all. The class is really coming along and we have had a great start.

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